About Me

about the Photographer

Megan Leah Hurley

I am from Phoenix, Arizona, and have lived here my whole life. I play club soccer, and am on my high school varsity soccer team, varsity swim team and varsity track team, and like hanging out with my friends. I enjoy reading, photography, listening to music, and I am a regular concert goer. I am a current member of the Phoenix Art Museum Photo Group. I like that photography is a way to express yourself visually and capture things in a different way than they may regularly seem. It allows you to show a side of you that people may not normally see through your images. I like that my photography shows intricate details in things and makes you think of them differently than they might appear. It usually contains aspects of nature and scenery, and a montage of things I find interesting.

“To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”

— Elliott Erwitt