Keegan and Zack, friends from elementary school, were both taking guitar lessons from Josh at Guitar Center.  He paired them up for a student performance at the Hard Rock Café and accompanied them on drums.  It worked so well that Josh spoke to Tim, a drum instructor, and invited Tim’s student, Christian, to join.  Next, Nicky joined as the bass player and invited his long-time friend, Aiden, a keyboard player to join.  They have been a five-piece band since May of 2016.  They named their band “Lost at the Bridge” and have performed at The Hard Rock Café Phoenix, Alice Cooperstown, a fundraiser for the blues band, Sistah’s Too, several private parties, and most recently at the City of Peoria Battle of the Bands.

The Band…

Keegan Halvorsen

Keegan is one of the guitarists for Lost at the Bridge, being a member since the beginning.  He has been playing guitar for two years now, not only playing for the band, but also his school’s jazz band.  Keegan takes inspiration from both David Bowie and Prince and the Revolution.  He looks forward to seeing where this band will take him, and the opportunities which may come with it.

Zack Stevens

My name is Zack, I’m 14 and I’m from Arizona.  I got my first guitar at the age of 9.  I play guitar in a five piece band called Lost at the Bridge.  I am a fan of classic rock and most other types of music.

Nicky Chiara

Nicky has grown up in a home that has always been filled with music.  Nicky’s dad, a lifelong drummer, got Nicky his first set of drums at 6 years old and they played together.  Nicky also started piano lessons at 6 years old and played drums and piano for the next few years.  Nicky also liked to play the video game “Rockband” with his family and there was just something about the bass part in the songs that grabbed him.  Nicky got his first bass guitar and amp just before his 12th birthday.  He started teaching himself and then took bass lessons and practiced every day.  At 13, he joined the “Rockshow” project at Guitar Center.  He joined 2 guitarists, Zack and Keegan, and a new drummer, Christian.

Aiden McGrew

My name is Aiden McGrew.  I’m 15 years old and I am the keyboard player for Lost at the Bridge.  I’ve been with the band since May of 2016.  My musical influences are Modest Mouse and They Might Be Giants.  Aside from music, my other hobbies consist of writing and film making.

Christian Acosta

I performed a few songs on my own before joining the band.  I was chosen to back Zack and Keegan on the drums.  The first songs we played together were “Sharp Dressed Man,” “Top Gun,” and “Uma Thurman.”  We played really good together and it was my first time ever playing with two guitarists.  Not long after, Nicky and Aiden Joined and we became Lost at the Bridge.  I wasn’t really sure about being in a band at first, but now I enjoy playing with these guys and have fun hanging out with them.

Josh Keller

Josh is the lead instructor at Guitar Center in Phoenix.  He recently acquired his Bachelor of Arts Instrumental Music Education from Ottawa University.  He teaches guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo and mandolin.  He has had a very positive influence on the members and guides them through all aspects of performing as a band.